15 interesting facts about the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race

We are always really excited about the spring and summer 5k’s, 10k’s and marathons in and around Atlanta.  As the weather gets nicer we continue to see more and more people running the tracks at Piedmont Park, Inman Park and Grant Park, but.. what are they all training for?   Many of them are probably training for one very special race that over the years has become an Atlanta tradition and more recently has gained global recognition… The 45th Annual Peachtree Road Race.  


Here are some “interesting” facts about the Peachtree Road Race!

1. The Peachtree Road Race is a 10k and is the largest of it’s kind in the entire world!!

2. Over half a million people have run the Peachtree Road Race in the last 45 years. 

3. The race always takes place on the Fourth of July.

4. This year’s race will be the 45th anniversary of the event.

5. The race was officially started in 1970.

6. The Atlanta Track Club, a nonprofit group, manages the event each year.

7. Over 3,000 volunteers serve 500,000 cups and 120,000 gallons of water to the runners.

8. The Peachtree has an operating cost this year of about $1.5 million and has an estimated economic impact of $15 million; any “profits” fund the Atlanta Track Club.

9. Parallel events include the Peachtree Junior, a 3-kilometer event for children ages 7 thru 12, a wheelchair “runner” competition (beginning at 6:45 a.m.), and races conducted by the military around the world.

10. Participants must be at least 10 years old to participate.

11. The men’s course record is 27:04 minutes, set by Joseph Limani in 1996; the women’s record stands at 30:32, set in 2002.

12. Gayle Barron (1970-71, 1973-75) and Lornah Kiplagat (2000-02, 2005-06) won the most victories in this event.

13. Part of the course near Piedmont Hospital, at about the 6K mark when the relatively flat course starts going uphill, is appropriately called “Cardiac Hill.”

14. Some sponsors of the event include Waffle House, Emory Healthcare, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

15. Since 2004, satellite Peachtree Races have been held for US soldiers stationed overseas. The first race was held in Iraq. In 2007 five separate races were held on July 4 (one in Kuwait, three in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan) with a combined total of 3000 participants. The Atlanta Track Club sends race supplies, including T-shirts, to the runners.

HISTORY TIDBIT!    On July 4, 1970, 110 runners gathered at the old Sears parking lot on the corner of Peachtree and Roswell Road. The group, now known as the “Original 110,” ran 6.2 miles through Atlanta to Central City Park in what would go down in history as the inaugural Peachtree Road Race.


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