5 Tips for Great Spring Curb Appeal

Spring Curb Appeal

The old adage says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but a pleasing, well-put-together exterior can make your home stand apart from the crowd when putting it on the market. Boosting curb appeal doesn’t need to break the bank; with a few simple steps, you can considerably increase your home’s appeal to buyers. And with spring on the way, it’s easier than ever to set a great first impression.

1. Get a fresh perspective. You see the outside of your home every day. In fact, you see it so often, you probably don’t really see it anymore. Now is the time to get a second (third, fourth, fifth) set of eyes on your house – and let people know frank honesty is what you need. Friends, neighbors, relatives, and your real estate agent are all important contributors to this process.

2. Start with the simple stuff. Ensure that the lawn is mowed regularly and bushes are neatly pruned. Rake up stray leaves and pine straw, remove weeds, and trim overhanging tree branches. Don’t forget to use an edger along driveways, sidewalks, and flower beds. It might seem simplistic, but investing in these basic tasks can make a huge difference. It may be wise to hire a lawn service during the pre-marketing period and while your home is on the market.

3. Clean it up. It’s essential to ensure that your home appears well-maintained and cared for. Take the time to give your home’s exterior a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning. Pressure wash driveways, walkways, and patios; clean out gutters; clean dirt off siding, shutters, and porches; wash all windows, and clean the screens, as well. Repair small cracks in concrete paving, or if a driveway or walkway is seriously damaged, it may be time to think about replacement. Now is also the time to evaluate whether your house needs to be repainted. Chipped or fading paint can be a major deterrent to buyers.

4. Fill in any gaps in landscaping. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase a dozen new shrubs (although of course that’s an option). There are other creative ways to eliminate pockets of empty space in your yard without requiring a lot of upkeep on your part. Benches, bird baths, and rock gardens are three solutions that add charm and character to any yard. If you do add new shrubs, choose low-maintenance native plants, such as holly, witch hazel, and viburnum.

5. Add some color. In Atlanta, planting colorful flowers is easy any time of year, but especially during the spring and summer months. Low-maintenance annuals like begonias, petunias, and marigolds add splashes of bright, bold color to your home. Plant them in a small flower bed or in containers on your front porch. And make sure your home’s front door is warm and welcoming – with a fresh coat of paint, a tasteful mat, and a seasonal wreath, buyers will truly feel that they have arrived at their new home.

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Posted by:  Amber Rhea

From January 2013-April 2014, Amber managed listing input and oversaw the listing process from start to finish. Amber's background is in web development, but her lifelong love of older buildings and neighborhoods motivated her to pursue a new career in historic preservation. She holds a Master of Heritage Preservation degree from Georgia State University. As listing manager and historic preservation specialist for Red Robin Group, she brought together her expertise in day-to-day operations, technology, and the benefits historic preservation offers to communities.

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