6 Tips to Manage your Online Presence

Here are tips for managing your online presence.  We can’t stress how important it is for agent to keep their profiles current and fresh, so here are six tips to help you.


1.  Make sure you have a professional and current photo.  If your client can’t recognize you from the picture on your business card or website, it’s probably time to get those new headshots.  It’s also best to save the selfies for your friends on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Keep your profile clean, crisp, typo-free and forget the agent-speak.  If you tell your client you did “150 transactions” last year, they will most likely think that you sold 150 houses, (more than likely some of them were representing buyers, investors, and maybe even a couple of lots.)  When it comes to your online profiles, it’s important to always be clear, professional, always tell the truth and always be current.

3. Know your unique selling proposition.  Think of it as your 30-second elevator pitch.  Ask yourself, “who am i and what do I do better?”  “Why am I an agent?”  Write it down and back it up with data.  Here’s an example:  With 10 years of experience.  John Doe, REALTOR® has become Atlanta’s GO-TO agent with a reputation for tenaciously protecting his clients interests.  Savvy negotiation skills, cutting-edge marketing efforts and uncompromising integrity have made him the top-producing agent in his area for 10 years in a row.

4. Google  yourself.  Have you done it lately?  There’s a good chance your client will.  Make sure the information and images that appear are what you want them to see.  Pro tip:  If you put your name in all CAPS, LinkedIn will list you first among other users with the same name.

5. Content is key.  There are 11 types of content that will help make a great online profile:  a professional photo, a concise and impactful headline, your “who am I?” summary, your professional experience highlights, skills & designations, recommendations/testimonials, involvement in groups or organizations, education, additional languages, and projects and awards.

6. So many sites, so little time.  Make a point to update your online information once a year when works slows down a bit.  Keeping all your information in one central place (e.g.. Good Doc) and maintaining a master spreadsheet with links to all of your profiles will save you time and stress when making these updates.

Yes, managing your online presence is something we all have to do, but it doesn’t have to be hard.  Remember these three takeaways, it’s about reputation not vanity, virtually show your clients who you are and be professional, but human.

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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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