Add This to Your Holiday Shopping List

Holiday shopping is in full force. There’s one thing that should definitely be at the top of your “shopping” list if you’re one of those individuals always looking for a great bargain… a home. Here’s a compelling reason to shop for your new home in the next 2 months.

Remember, putting aside the fact that this is the finest buyer’s market any of us are likely to see in our home buying lifetime, there is something even more wonderful about being a winter buyer (in any type of market). Individuals who are continuing to list their homes through the holidays mean business. And since the buyer pool is generally a lot smaller in this season compared to all others, it means that the sellers are not seeing nearly as many people walk through their homes and it’s that slow down in traffic that can precipitate significantly more negotiability on the part of the seller.

So for all you buyers out there that are inclined to buy over the course of the next year, consider taking advantage of the winter months to get a move on the best possible deal out there. This time of year through early February tends to be absolutely the best time of all for a buyer to make a move on a home with the greatest negotiability on the part of the seller. All you bargain shoppers, here’s your chance to get the deal of a lifetime. Imagine all the future holiday memories you’ll be able to create in your new home!

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Posted by:  Wakamo & Associates

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