Career Opportunities

We’re looking for a Few Good Peeps!

One of the most exciting aspects of working in a dynamic industry is the freedom to build and customize your own business model. At Red Robin REALTORS®, we understand that real estate agents are as diverse and individual as the clients they represent, and we’re looking for a few good agents to bring their unique approaches to our brokerage.           

What’s Different About Red Robin REALTORS® Concept?

We recognize a gap in the brokerage system. While some “big box” brokerages offer all the marketing, training and resources any agent could ever use, they charge high fees.  Plus, agents pay for those resources regardless of whether they use them or not. Other discount brokerages lessen their fees but leave agents to fend for themselves. We offer the best of both!

Our concept is simple:  offer agents low monthly fees and commission splits, and make the resources they need available at a price they can afford. It’s a pay for what you use policy – from marketing and listing services, closing management to marketing collateral and signage, it’s available if you need it at cost controlled prices.

What Type of Agent Will Benefit From This Concept?

It’s ideal for all types of agents, but it’s particularly beneficial for those who fall into one of these  camps.

Experienced, successful, full-time agent.  This agent has been in the business for a while and has streamlined their processes.  They don’t need a lot of hand-holding.  They have their resources in place, but during busy times, administrative assistance would be helpful. This agent is not ready to hire a full-time employee and deal with hassles of payroll, PTO and benefits.  If you fall into this category, imagine how much more business you could do if you had access to a listing coordinator, marketing specialist, closing manager and, perhaps, a bookkeeper.

Newer agent, on-the-rise.  This agent is newer on the scene and working hard to establish a book of business.  While not yet busy enough to need staff support, this agent could benefit from “learning the ropes” in a team-oriented environment and supplementing their existing business with company referrals.

Newly licensed agents.  You have your license, but do you know how to sell real estate and build a successful business? Red Robin REALTORS® offers a unique opportunity for a few select agents starting out in the industry.   Are you the next Academy graduate?

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Let’s Wrap This Up!

Through diligent grassroots marketing efforts, Melissa Wakamo, Broker at Red Robin REALTORS® , has built our boutique brokerage into a successful and recognizable neighborhood business. Having grown under a larger brokerage, we understand that great resources typically come with high fees. We believe our model changes this!

We’re looking for a select few agents who believe they can thrive in this environment. Want to learn more and find out if Red Robin REALTORS® is a good fit for you? Call Melissa at 404.729.1133 or email We look forward to hearing your business plan and helping you become a successful and happy member of the Red Robin REALTORS® family!