Agent Testimonials

“Red Robin Realtors is a place I call home. As a new agent, when I needed my hand held, I got all the help I needed and more. As I’ve gained more experience and have desired more autonomy, the brokerage has provided the space I need to run my own business while still providing guidance and support whether I’m listing a home or helping a buyer walk through some complicated issues. If you are a seasoned agent or just starting out or something in between, Red Robin Realtors is the perfect brokerage–period. Maybe YOU can call it your home one day.”     —Helen Kynes

After over ten years with a large corporate franchise real estate operation, we were looking for a top notch boutique brokerage with a focused marketing strategy & first class customer service. We found it all with the team at Red Robin Group!

The Arrasmith Team

It’s the best of both worlds – low fees on business we generate ourselves, and free listing processing on company referrals. The “a la carte menu” of additional services is great. Plus, there’s a marketing person on staff who has helped us with logo design, signage, and social media!
The Tom & Mary Ann Team

CHAMP_1Ever since I could remember I always preferred the quality of service you get from a local company as opposed to a big corporation. The personal care, the attention to detail and the teamwork atmosphere is something I was looking for and found at Red Robin Group. From the first time I met Melissa, I knew Red Robin Group was a great atmosphere for me.

Champ Hammett

When I started to think about what would make agents want to join Red Robin Group, I realized that it was a combination of things that might be found at many brokerages. As I looked back over my 10 year real estate career, I pulled from my personal experiences to create a brokerage model that includes the things that were most important to me as my career developed.

1) Low agent fees
2) Resources that agents actually use, easily accessible and at a price they can afford
3) Great “boutique” culture
4) A really good mentoring program for new agents

At Red Robin Group, we have created an environment where agents can thrive… professionally, personally and financially.

Melissa Wakamo, Broker