Atlanta Pop-Up Shops Grand Opening This Weekend

Atlanta’s pop-up shops invite new businesses to our city!

This weekend a number of pop-up shops are scheduled to open along the Auburn Avenue and Edgewood Avenue corridor.  What exactly is a pop-up shop you might ask?  The pop-up retail style is a California based project that invites small retail boutiques and restaurants to open their businesses in districts that may have been left vacant for many years.  The idea is to offer these businesses low cost and or short term leases in order to populate the district and then eventually attracting other businesses to follow suite.  


For many years there have been upward of 30 vacant buildings in this particular area and this Saturday, June 7th 2014 a dozen or so pop-ups will open their doors giving this once desolate district a vibrant revival.  Between 4 p.m and 9 p.m there will be a launch party with tons of free giveaways, live music, food and drinks.  With Auburn and Edgewood intersection being only a short walk from Atlanta’s “NEW” Street car route, this is already shaping up to be a promising future for Atlanta’s continued growth all the while supporting small businesses in the area.

Here is a list of the upcoming Pop-ups!

171 Auburn Avenue

  • Arbitrary Living: A boutique 17th and 18th century furniture and home décor.  Visit their Facebook Page
  • The Byrd’s Box: A boutique selling locally made goods and artwork.
  • Just Add Honey: An amazing tea shop that sells loose leaf teas. Website
  • ModernTribe: “Judaica and Jewish gifts for younger and hipper Jews!” Website
  • Sock Fancy: A wonderful boutique for interesting socks. Website

Other Auburn Avenue pop-up shops:

  • Civil Bikes, 344 Auburn: This  pop-up provides bike tours of significant locations relating to the civil and human rights movements. Website 
  • Fresh.i.Am, 346 Auburn: Described as a “multi-tiered creative entity that brings together art, fashion, music and culture,” 

 Edgewood Avenue pop-up shops:

  • Brixtix Dog Bakery, 209 Edgewood: , This cool concept boutique sells treats  made-from-scratch dog treats with no preservatives or artificial junk. Website
  • Indie Craft Experience, 209 Edgewood: ICE is already familiar to the many Atlanta crafters. This summer, they’re getting their craft on at the Auburn Curb Market. Website
  • Criminal Records, 345 Edgewood: This famous record shop has been a staple of the Little Five Points community for decades. But now they will have a pop-up in Atlanta to give more accessibility to their patrons. Website
  • Rob Simmons Gallery, 443 Edgewood: Simmons is an artist and photographer who’s work is in high demand and focuses on the Atlanta skyline and Scapes. 
  • Fallen Arrows, 482 Edgewood: This boutique makes custom t-shirts in any quantity and also sells artist-designed shirts. Website

We, at Red Robin Group are thoroughly excited to see yet another neighborhood development enter the Atlanta area.  Be sure to visit Atlanta Business Chronicle for more information about the Pop-Up Shops in Atlanta. 

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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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