Atlanta Real Estate Market is HOT

The real estate market is HOT!

Over the past few weeks, I have been reaching out to homeowners I’ve talked to in the past year to let them know that we are in an amazing market this spring.  Red Robin Group has literally sold ALL of our listings.  Several of those were multiple offer situations and quite a few have gone under contract at or near asking price.  In two cases, we even got homes under contract before they officially hit the market.

The primary reason for this dramatic change in market activity is because there is an extreme shortage of inventory right now.  I know many homeowners were discouraged last year and had decided to wait to list their house or have rented them.  Now that we’re in a more active market this spring, there aren’t many homes available and buyers are competing for them.  It’s been an amazing year so far and I want as many homeowners to be able to take advantage of this opportunity as possible!  As you know, I’ve been feeling the pain of sellers in this market over the past couple of years and I’m ready for some good news.

  • If we spoke last year about selling your home and decided to wait, this is a good time for us to talk again.  While the prices haven’t improved dramatically, the shortage of inventory has created a demand for homes and there have been a few sales that were a little higher than expected.
  • If you know a neighbor or friend in the neighborhood who had trouble selling their home last year, please have them give me a call.  Like I said, we have sold all of our listings and I have agents calling every day trying to find homes for their buyers.  I believe Red Robin Group is in a unique position to find buyers and agents with buyers quickly.

Thanks, Melissa

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Posted by:  Wakamo & Associates

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