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Sponsor events, local meetings/gatherings, auctions, giveaways and more…

  1. Look for events or meetings in an area or with an organization that are supported by a community that you want to target.
  2. Get in on the start of an event when possible. It can often be less expensive and the push could be strong. It also puts you out there as a ‘early bird’ supporter. Just be sure, with any sponsorship, that you know what you get in exchange for your sponsorship. How are they going to promote, use your name/logo, etc.? Ask questions and have it in writing.
  3. Be active in the event – don’t just stand behind the table. Get out from behind the table and have activities/drawings/giveaways for adults and/or kids. Make the event worth your time and money you’ve invested.
  4. Support an organization or an event that you really believe in. Help spread the word to your audience as well. Make it a mutual beneficial sponsorship.
  5. If Red Robin REALTORS is sponsoring an event, take advantage of the opportunity. Get out in the community and promote yourself as an Agent at Red Robin REALTORS. Don’t forget Red Robin REALTORS is a Presenting Sponsor at Meet the Makers Festival in Ormewood Park. We can’t have a presence without our agents there! Plan to be there and email Melissa with your participation.
  6. For a less expensive or less participatory sponsorship, create Welcome Home Baskets for church, community organizations/non-profits or school auctions/fundraisers/meetings or conference giveaways. These could include a Red Robin market bag filled with items (welcome mat, bottle of wine or opener, candle, etc) and gift certificates related to the home (grocery, Lowe’s/Home Depot, services etc.) Include your business card (maybe as a magnet), some post-it notes. Talk to Kate or Shannon about purchasing any of the Red Robin promotional items or if you have some good ideas of promotional items for us to order.
  7. Talk with Melissa or Shannon or Kate about opportunities or ideas.

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Posted by:  Shannon Sanders

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