Breaking News! NEW Photos and Info… The Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta

This morning Red Robin Group’s Marketing Manager, Krish Dhokia had an opportunity to visit the freshly painted Krog Street Tunnel and also had a few minutes to visit with Linda Stouffer of Channel 2 Action News to talk about the highly controversial topic that has hit Atlanta new headlines everywhere!



If you haven’t heard about the controversy, here it is in a nutshell.  

Reported by Curbed Atlanta.

“Who’d have thunk an alcohol-driven soiree could cause such a stink in Cabbagetown, where the unofficial pastime is backyard keg parties? The folks behind art festivals in the Old Fourth Ward, Piedmont Park and Chastain Park — Sean O’Keefe Events and the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces — are holding an “avant-garde, European-style” masquerade party next Saturday in the Krog Street Tunnel. But some angry Reynoldstown and Cabbagetown residents have been vocal about their objections, claiming that organizers barreled ahead with plans despite a lack of community support. The event is billed as “a sultry underground experience like no other,” but detractors say it’ll cut off a vital artery to the neighborhoods for an inappropriate amount of time.” Click Here For article.

This is what happened last night! Wednesday October 23rd. 

Reported by 11 Alive News.

The iconic artwork of the Krog Street Tunnel is a thing of the past. It’s been covered with gray paint. A group of approximately one hundred people gathered with spray cans and roller brushes last night in protest. In less than an hour they covered every inch of street art that has made the tunnel an iconic piece of Atlanta for years. They did not want the colorful designs along Krog Street walls to serve as a backdrop for the Krog Masquerade. That masquerade ball is scheduled for Saturday night when the Krog Street Tunnel will host up to 2000 people celebrating the Halloween season, paying $50-$100 a ticket to attend. The protest and  “whitewashing” of the tunnel walls was a way of removing their decor from the event.

“We’re not going to give away this art for free to somebody who is trying it make money off of it. Street art, public art, should be free for all. it shouldn’t be privatized,” he said. Supporters of the event have taken to social media, stressing that the Krog Masquerade will go on as scheduled and are asking their online connections to ” Click here for Article

We would like to mention that from our findings.. there are already hints of late night artists that have already started painting/tagging portions of the tunnel. 




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