I am writing this letter to communicate that I will be transitioning into a new role within the Jackson Cluster for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. I have been recommended as the finalist for the new principal of DH. Stanton Elementary School, which is located within our same cluster. It has taken me four nights to find the right words to say to a group of individuals who have supported me in seeking the very best for our children at Burgess-Peterson Academy. Serving as the principal of Burgess-Peterson Academy has been the most rewarding career experience that any educator could have. These past seven years have grown me professionally and given me the affirmation that when a community and parents wrap their arms and support a vision, our students will soar to our expectations. Every goal that I have set out to complete at Burgess-Peterson Academy has been met only because of the support that you all have given me over these past seven years. We have increased student achievement, engaged our community and parents, and brought about innovative learning experiences for our students. Because of your support and hardworking teachers, BPA is now one of the top ten traditional public schools in the Atlanta Public School System based on academic achievement and student growth.

I have gained many friendships and learned new ways of leading a school only because we were all on one accord. I am hopeful that as parents you all will continue to stay engaged and hold our school accountable for greater things to come. As I write this letter the faces of my students give me sadness because I will miss them, but give me hope that we have worked together to create a school where children are happy to come into our doors every day.

I am sure that you all want to know what is next for selecting a new principal to lead the charge of taking BPA to new heights. Representatives from our Human Resources and Associate Superintendent’s Office will come to our school tomorrow to share information about the process and the timeline. An informational meeting is scheduled for 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, May 20th in the Media Center. Please plan to attend and learn more about the process and how you can be involved.

For children,

Ms. Robin C. Robbins, Principal