Daylight Saving Time Ends: Don’t Forget…

“Falling Back” is not the only task homeowners should do

The end of Daylight Saving Time is upon us. An extra hour of sleep and brighter mornings are just around the corner. But there are several other tasks homeowners should make a part of their DST routine of changing every clock in the house!


Your local fire department recommends that you test the alarms on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Did you know that the chance of dying in a house fire is cut in half when there are working smoke detectors in a home? And, it’s time to change that battery! An investment of a few dollars in 9v batteries can save an entire family in an emergency.

Speaking of emergencies, check your first aid kit. The American Red Cross encourages everyone to have first aid items in their home. After a long summer of bumps and bruises, the bandage supply is probably depleted. Is the flashlight in its proper place (or did it make it out to the tree fort)? Do you have batteries, candles, a spare phone charger and emergency radio handy?

Sleep experts and furniture manufacturers urge you to flip your mattress (or just rotate your pillowtop). It extends the life of your mattress and ensures more even wear.

Not just the sheets you’re sleeping on, you should also wash your pillows. Every six months for a deep cleaning, every two years for replacement.

clocks-1For energy efficiency, get out your vacuum! That’s right. Use that vacuum wand under the refrigerator to suck away any dirt and dust, and clean those coils. It will cost less to cool your favorites foods. And then head to the laundry room. Use the crevice tool to vacuum out the lint trap, and don’t forget the vent pipe that leads to the outside! Lint build-up is the number one cause of dryer fires.

Did we mention ducts and filters? It’s a great time to take a peek and replace your furnace air filters. But don’t forget to also check the water filter in the fridge and the HEPA filter in your vacuum.

The end of DST also means the holidays are coming! Run you self-cleaning function on your oven to prepare it for your feast! Drop some of those egg shells and citrus peels in the garbage disposal for a cleaner and fresher sink.

And you were wondering how you could possibly fill your extra hour of time! All of us at Red Robin REALTORS® hopes you fill that hour in a way that makes your life, family and home a safer, happier, more enjoyable place to be!

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Posted by:  Kate Furukawa

An East Atlanta resident of 12 years, and quite familiar with and active in many intown neighborhoods, Kate lives with her husband Dave and son William. Let's find your new home!

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