Disclose and Advise : 3 Hour CE Credit by Matthew Macy

The intent of this course is to help real estate agents improve their understanding of their duty to disclose and advise to serve their clients and the public better.

disclose and advise ce

The first 90 minutes will focus on the disclosure duties of a listing agent, selling agent,dual agent, and transaction broker. The disclosure duties the students will cover includedisclosing facts about the property and the surrounding neighborhood, and avoiding participatingin a client’s failure to disclose to the buyer, seller, or lender. The students will see examples of problems that arise when the agent does not make a proper disclosure.

The second 60 minutes will focus on the duty to advise the party to the transaction when acting as a listing agent, selling agent, dual agent, or as a transaction broker. The students will explore how to navigate a seller who asks for the agent’s advice on what to disclose. The students also will explore how to advise a buyer on doing due diligence without overstepping the agent’s bounds. The students will examine how to protect their clients by knowing when to recommend that the client call in a professional like an engineer, surveyor, attorney, and tax professional.

The last 30 minutes will review how the duty to disclose and the duty to advise work together, and that those duties carry through to the closing table.

The students will leave the course with a better understanding of their duties to disclose and advise.


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