East Atlanta’s Burgess Peterson Academy announces new principal, David White

Welcome To Burgess Peterson Academy!

Red Robin REALTORS is really excited to announce that David White has accepted the principal position at Burgess-Peterson Academy.
Over the last seven years under the incredible leadership of Principal Robin Robbins, in conjunction with an amazing team of teachers, leaders, and community partners, a successful foundation was formed.  Red Robin REALTORS has participated in several events with Burgess and will continue to support our neighborhood school in years to come.  As a resident of East Atlanta, David is excited about this wonderful opportunity to take our community school, as well as his, to the next level.
From the BPA Press Release:  June 30, 2015

Dear Burgess-Peterson Families, Team Members and Community,

WHITE_ASSOC_SuperI am genuinely thrilled to have been given the awesome opportunity to become the principal at Burgess-Peterson Academy. This role is a humbling responsibility and I am grateful to have
been entrusted to carry our school community forward. As a member of the Atlanta Public Schools team since 1996, I have enjoyed many different roles across our city. Ultimately, as a
resident of East Atlanta, it is the chance to be the principal of our neighborhood school which compelled me to fully participate in the application and interview process for the principalship at
Burgess-Peterson. I couldn’t be happier about the outcome and I look forward to working with you over the next several years.

As the instructional leader of Burgess-Peterson, I will honor the excellent work of our out-going principal, Ms. Robin Robbins. You may know that I’ve served as Ms. Robbins’ supervisor these last three years. I have come to respect and admire her intellect and her passion for fostering bright, inquisitive students. We will work together over the next few weeks to determine an appropriate way to honor her legacy here on campus.

During July and August, I will review stakeholder survey results from the principal search
process to learn where some of your energy and concerns lie. I also look forward to candid
conversations with parents, administrators, staff, and students. In these ways, I can begin to have
a more complete impression of the people of all ages who make up this fine school and the
opinions and concerns we share.

My contract for BPA will begin July 6 and I’ll begin moving into the office when I return from
vacation on the 5th. I’m including my resume here so folks unfamiliar with me will be able to
see where I’ve been and what I’ve done thus far in my 22 year career in public education. We’ll
surely learn much more about each other during the weeks, months, and years ahead. Please
understand how humbled, enthusiastic, and intentional I feel about coming to BPA. I look
forward to getting to know our students, becoming better acquainted with the staff and faculty
and leading our team forward as we continue the journey toward becoming the neighborhood
school of choice and a viable, desirable, traditional public school option for the child of any
family living in our catchment area.

Looking Forward!

David A. White

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