Big Facebook Video Changes Are Coming!

Videos are like “GOLD” in the Social Media World!

Last month I spent some time networking and talking with several marketing professionals around the country that attended VidCon, an annual event for the digital video industry.  I asked them questions about the newest changes coming to Facebook.  As many of you may have noticed,  Facebook is taking down YouTube videos because they want videos to be uploaded directly to Facebook, (This is to prevent users from leaving their platform and going to Youtube, the competitor).

FB Video Changes

This is what I learned from speaking with my fellow social media geeks:

New Facebook Video Ads!

The social media juggernaut, Facebook has officially confirmed that it is working very hard on a big priority project and are currently testing live video ads!  Video ads  will begin displaying within users news-feeds and is expected to make it’s debut in just a few months.

The big question everyone has is what format will the video ads take?   The Facebook techs have avoided answering specifics but the ads will most likely be midstream “Commercial Break” style ads.

Facebook  “Live” Video Changes!

Other features that Facebook will be publicly announce very soon is the added changes to the current “Facebook Live” platform.  Among these changes are a Google Hangouts-like feature that allows live broadcasters to include another video feed as part of their broadcast.  While Hangouts allows multiple extra feeds, Facebook users will only be able to include one addtional feed.

Facebook will also make it possible for broadcasters to schedule their live video events.  This way, friends and followers will be able to request notification in advance to know when the event is starting.

What does this mean for REALTORS®?

If  you are marketing and paying for PPC (Pay Per Click Ads) on Facebook currently, then you may need to compete with videos.  Facebook as a business model tends to push their newest features in order to obtain more users of their newest revenue stream.  In order to stay relevant in the Facebook Ads world, you will need to begin considering creating some videos so that you can participate in this program when it is released in September.

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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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