Fall Home Maintenance MUSTS

Fall weather is perfect in so many ways. That’s why there are so many great festivals and outdoor activities happening all over the city of Atlanta. Not only is it a great time to spend with family and friends, but It’s also the perfect time to get to those home maintenance tasks that you don’t want to sweat to in the heat of the summer or freeze to in the chill of the winter. We recommend a couple easy tasks to make sure you get done this Fall.

Clean those gutters out! – It’s one of those things we only think about when we’re sitting on our front porch enjoying a rainy afternoon and we see water spilling over the edges of our home, leaving trenches around the yard and garden. It’s a little bit of work, but it will be a BIG payoff in the end.

Buy a hose bib insulator – while they’re still cheap! – This is super simple and something you should do every fall, before the freeze of winter sets in. Make sure to insulate your hose bib (outdoor hose faucet) to prevent the splitting, which can be a significant plumbing repair job.

Inspect your attic. – Now that it’s not reaching 100+ degrees up there, you will want to do a thorough inspection to check for things like rodent intrusions and cracks. Make sure to have those problem areas professionally sealed off, especially if you’re living in an older home.

Inspect your crawl space. – Another one you probably don’t want to do in the heat of the summer… or the cold of the winter for that matter. Head on in there and make sure your crawl space is secure from critters and cold. You’ll see energy saving benefits by screening necessary openings and covering huge openings with bricks or blocks.

Call for an HVAC checkup. – This is something that really should be an annual occurrence. Get a technician in to your home to check your gas furnace before you run into problems and end up freezing your you-know-what when the cold of winter rolls on in. The technician will want to check for leaks at joints, make sure your burners are clean & efficient and if you have a heat pump, a check to make sure it’s even operation should do the trick. If your home is 10 years or older, you’ll want to make sure to have an HVAC check-up once a year. Likewise, if you have a new HVAC system, you’ll want to do it to simply maintain the warranty. That’s a pretty expensive piece of equipment to neglect!

Check these tasks off your list this Fall and you’ll be ready to transition into Winter without any hiccups.

If you need recommendations on inspectors/technicians, we have a great inventory of those fixer-upper types here at Red Robin Group. Just give us a call @ 404-254-5206!

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