Got Mulch?

If you haven’t already heard, Red Robin Group has adopted a park! That’s right, we’ve committed to year-round up-keep of a local Ormewood Park community space known as Stoney Point Park.

Our last clean-up date included some much needed additions to the park in the form of colorful birdhouses and birdfeeders. Red Robin Group partnered with the folks at the East Atlanta Kids Club on a birdhouse- and birdfeeder-painting evening for the young people in the summer program there. Now when you drive by the park, maybe you’ll see a few more of our fine-feathered friends enjoying their newly renovated (and some newly constructed) homes.

Red Robin Group tears into the park at least once a quarter for a good, thorough clean-up. In mid-March we’ll be looking for a few more resources and volunteers who can help us keep it looking a little more spiffy year ’round. So when that first day of Spring rolls around and you find you’ve got a few extra plants, mulch or other gardening items left over after a weekend spending craze at the garden store — or perhaps a dependant or two with a few extra hours on their hands — we’d love all the help we could get.

Our next big clean-up is scheduled for Sunday, March 20th (The first day of Spring!), from 4-6 p.m.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Chelsea at 404-254-5206 x8.

To learn more about adopting a park in your neighborhood, visit

And for more information about how you can help enrich the lives of the young people in our community through programs that enhance their education, creativity and social skills, please visit

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