Hidden Gem: Atlanta Tapestry Community Garden in Ormewood Park!

Atlanta Tapestry Community Garden in Ormewood Park - Red Robin Group - 842 E Confederate Avenue

In 1986 the Mansour Farm, 18 kudzu covered acres located between E. Confederate Avenue and Walker Avenue in Ormewood Park, were purchased by FCS Urban Ministries for the sole purpose of development.  The land was then subdivided and dispersed into 30 lots which home were later built on.  The Tapestry community was created as a neighborhood block association that holds 7 acres of the original 18 acres and holds ownership of the 7 acres to create a common passive green space behind the homes.  One of our most recent homes for sale at 842 E. Confederate Avenue, has clear access to the community garden and land as do many of the homes on or near E. Confederate in Ormewood Park.

In addition to the community garden that Tapestry offers, there are also 2 playgrounds with new sand and swings, a shuffleboard court, tree house, and a wooden path that was added in 2012.  

Tapestry Project Time-line:

2008 – Tapestry planted 120 trees on the community property after the City of Atlanta’s storm water sewer separation project was completed. 

2010– Tapestry planted 25 native trees.

2012 – Tapestry planted 41 native trees. 

2014 – Ongoing projects include restoring the stream buffers by planting trees and native plants around the Entrenchment Creek and Stockdale Creek that run through the community property.

For neighboring residents of Ormewood Park and Grant Park the property is open for neighbors to walk to their dogs.. however, dogs must be kept on a leash and the owners are asked to scoop the poop. 

Tapestry has partnered with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to provide an acre of land for 5 years for the ACFB’s community garden projects at no charge.  The 4 plots are interspersed on the community property.  These garden projects benefit the following:  Georgia WIC Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program, horticultural therapy for adults and children, ACFB volunteer groups as educational opportunities. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Julie Lowring at 404-627-7555

Atlanta Tapestry Community Garden

Atlanta Tapestry Community

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Posted by:  Melissa Wakamo

When Melissa Wakamo began her real estate career in 2004, her goal was to focus on her immediate area and get to know her neighbors. "I've had a lot of fun over the years helping my neighbors sell their homes and helping newcomers become a part of our community."

Melissa quickly became one of metro Atlanta's top producing agents and consistently performed in the top 1% of all Atlanta agents. By 2009, Melissa's real estate team had grown to include several agents and support staff, dedicated to providing exceptional service to buyers and sellers in Atlanta's intown neighborhoods.

In 2010, Melissa transitioned Red Robin REALTORS® into an independently owned boutique brokerage. Even in the tough real estate market during that time, Red Robin REALTORS® continued to outperform other small brokerages and was able to help buyers and sellers adapt to the rapid changes in the market.

In 2017, Melissa had the opportunity to merge the Red Robin REALTORS team with another like-minded boutique brokerage, Keller Knapp Realty. The two community-focused organizations bring together more than 100 agents, including 3 of the top 10 agents in metro Atlanta. With offices in Oakhurst, Ormewood Park and Midtown, Keller Knapp Realty and Red Robin REALTORS team are the top boutique real estate firm in Atlanta.

In her role as Managing Broker, Melissa provides agent training, marketing and strategic oversight for the Brokerage, ensuring that the brokerage maintains its focus and commitment to the intown market.

Melissa's active participation in various neighborhood organizations and charitable efforts, as well as her passion for antiques, cooking, and gardening, keep her busy and in touch with the community.

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