It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Reynoldstown church windowsWhat a gorgeous, though cold, day it was yesterday. It was a great day to drive through the neighborhood to see what’s happening. Atlanta is big but we definitely have a feeling of connection. As a realtor and a resident I enjoy the small-town feel in the middle of our big city. Two of the neighborhoods closest to my heart are Reynoldstown and Grant Park.

There’s an old, stone church building that’s over a hundred years old on the corner of Wylie and Selman in Reynoldstown that was sold recently. I noticed a construction permit on the door and workers present, so of course I had to find out what was happening. It’s being transformed into an office building. The light coming in those windows is so beautiful; it’s going to be a fabulous place to work! Elan144 01-30-15 1Elan144 01-30-15

I continued my trek past the Elan 144 site. They are making progress even though no actual building has begun.


Going from Reynoldstown toward Grant Park, I stopped at the Habitat Restore, located on the corner of Memorial and Chester. Habitat street signIf you’ve never been there, it’s a “must see”. The Habitat Restore has donated furniture, building materials, appliances, etc., etc. I walk through about once a week since the inventory changes almost daily. This week I found a one-year-old, stainless steel, double oven for a friend for only $650! New, they’re at least $1800. What a deal! And the people who work there are so helpful!

Habitat Restore

My last stop of the day before getting back to work was the Glenwood Place site. They are still demolishing the existing building. I talked with the site manager and got some more specifics on the plans for the site. He said they expect the retail portion of the development to be finished in about a year (Summer 2016 according to Curbed Atlanta). Plans include Kroger and Chik Fila, as well as several other restaurants and retail shops. Coming later on the site will be multi-family and senior residences.

Glenwood Place demo 01-30-15

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Posted by:  Kirsten Benson

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