March 26 – Annual Ormewood Park Egg Hunt sponsored by Red Robin REALTORS®

bunny_right_turnThe annual Ormewood Park Easter Egg Hunt is a family favorite event and will be held Saturday, March 26th at 4:00 pm at the Urban Farm of Ormewood aka Red’s Farm.  Red Robin REALTORS®, a boutique real estate brokerage,  is a proud sponsor of the event.

Urban Farm of Ormewood is located on Mercer Street.

Parents need to drop off  one dozen plastic, stuffed eggs for each participating child. Ideas for egg stuffing surprises include stickers, bouncy balls, pencil toppers, coins, tattoos, and nut-free candy. Families can drop off their eggs between Monday March 30th – April 3rd at the following locations:

  1. Red Robin Group at 749 Moreland Ave, Suite A-203, Atlanta, GA 30316
  2. The Robert’s Home at 895 Eden Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316

The age categories for this hunt include the “Young Bunnies” for ages 3 and under and the “Fast Rabbits” for ages 4 and up.

Red Robin Group will be providing their own custom flavor of ice cream called “Robin Egg” crafted by Morelli’s Ice Cream for families to enjoy after the egg hunt.

For information about volunteering, CLICK HERE


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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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