New Development in the Community!

I’m sure many neighbors know that the property located at the corner of Moreland/Custer was recently purchased and is in the final stages of rezoning, for a mixed use development.  We’ll likely see the typical commercial/retail on the street level with condos or apartments above (at this time, we don’t know for certain if the developers will do condos or apartments).

So, maybe not the most inspired development, but certainly progress at a site that has been largely vacant and ignored for years (with the exception, of course, of my beloved Value Village).

However, the thing that is exciting to me is the Affordable (Workforce) Housing component to this development.  While I wish the percentage of units designated for Workforce Housing were higher (they settled on 10%), I was pleased that the City of Atlanta annexed this parcel and, through the approval process with neighborhoods, NPU, and Zoning, have made a commitment to make some affordable housing in this development.

There is a bit of a misconception about Affordable Housing (which is the term that is used a lot).  For many people, it brings to mind low income or subsidized housing.  And, while I’m supporter of avoiding displacement of lower income/long-time residents of our community as home prices increase, that is a separate issue.  Affordable Housing generally refers to many of our working families whose income doesn’t allow them to live near where they work. Think police officers, firemen, teachers, retail and restaurant staff…our local workforce.  As the prices skyrocket in our intown neighborhoods, the people in our community who we want and need close by…well, it just becomes out of reach for many.  As a city and community, we want (and need) these families to be able to live where they work.

Anyway, I’ll make a few last trips to Value Vilage before it becomes a part of our community’s history.  And, I’ll hope that some of the commercial/retail is more inspired than other recent developments (do we really need another American Deli?)  Finally, I’ll hope that some of our local workforce finds themselves living in the community soon!

See the rezoning info here.

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Posted by:  Melissa Wakamo

When Melissa Wakamo began her real estate career in 2004, her goal was to focus on her immediate area and get to know her neighbors. "I've had a lot of fun over the years helping my neighbors sell their homes and helping newcomers become a part of our community."

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