Ormewood Park Real Estate Group Improves Neighborhood

Red Robin Group got down and dirty once again in an effort to keep the Intown Atlanta neighborhood of Ormewood Park looking spiffy! On Friday, June 17th, employees of neighborhood real estate team Red Robin Group took some time out to clean-up Stoney Point Park – a small neighborhood garden/sitting area located at the corner of Woodland and E. Confederate Avenues. Red Robin Group has adopted the park and is committed to quarterly upkeep. This time it was a joint effort between Red Robin Group employees, neighborhood helpers and the City of Atlanta.

Melissa Wakamo, Red Robin Group Broker, spent some time with Landscaper and Master Gardener, Stephanie Wilson, who is a neighbor on Gilbert Street. They put together a long term plan for the space and have high hopes for the end result. Phase One took place during Friday morning’s clean-up which included an in-depth weeding process and initial mulching. Melissa noted, “Since our clean-up days are typically only once each quarter, we were having a hard time keeping up with the weeds during the peak growing season. It seemed like we would just get it weeded and two weeks later it looked awful again. I’m so relieved to have some help and a good plan in place to get it under control over the next few months.”

Rob Wakamo, a neighborhood contractor, brought his chain saw and gave a large tree a much-needed trim. And Bill Hunter, a neighbor on Woodland, came down to help move large tree limbs to the front of his house for pick-up by the City. The wonderful folks at City of Atlanta were gracious enough to supply the park with a very large load of mulch.

Watch: The Resourcefulness of Mulch Delivery

Jan Sykes, Managing Broker of Red Robin Group stated, “This clean up was really a team effort and we made some very good progress this time. We are so appreciative for all the help from our neighbors and couldn’t have made it look this good by ourselves!” All in all, it was a great time for the employees and helpers. Red Robin Group is looking forward to the next clean-up efforts in early Fall. Bring on Phase Two!

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For more information on park adoption in the greater Atlanta area, visit http://www.parkpride.org.

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