Shoulds, Woulds and Coulds of Home Inspections


Shoulds, Woulds and Coulds:
Questions you’ll be asked about Home Inspections

Recent changes to the GAR Seller’s Property Disclosure Document have placed even more emphasis on the buyer beware law in Georgia. Knowing what is in the minds of these buyers, agents will better be able to inform buyers and sellers about each party’s expectations and responsibilities as they relate to inspection and the home’s condition. Understanding the issues related to the questions and their answers will make real estate agents better able to communicate with inspectors, understand inspection reports, and then educate and guide their buyers and sellers through the inspection process as a result.

Some questions we’ll discuss: Should it be up to Code? Is there enough water pressure? How long will XYZ last? What do you think of the Nest Thermostat? Do you get on the roof? Should the seller fix that? Would you buy this house?

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