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Red Robin Group is known for our innovative marketing, our smart selling strategies and our ability to network to get buyers and sellers to the closing table faster.

And we’re not about to let the current market conditions get the best of us.

Marketing your home to its full potential is a top priority for us and we’ve definitely stepped it up to make your home relevant to today’s buyers.

Here’s how:

  • Agent Referral Incentives – We’re currently offering incentives to agents who can connect us to other agents who may have buyers who may be interested in your home. Whew – sounds like a mouthful, right? Here’s how it works: a a seller, you may have several agents bring buyers through your home over a period of time, yet not submit an offer. However, those agents may know OTHER agents who have clients that would be a perfect fit. So if that agent who showed your home can connect us to another agent, and we eventually get to the closing table as a result, we’ll pay the referring agent a referral fee.
  • Higher Commission Splits for Buyer Agents – Plain and simple, money talks. When we have a challenging property to sell — like a home that has many substitutable equals at the same price, like a condo or town home — one rabbit we’re pulling out of the hat is a higher sales commission to the buyer’s agent. Our theory is that agents will want to show your home over others like it if they’re getting a larger “piece of the pie.” And it works!
  • Pocket Listings – We’re working more and more now with more sellers who want to do a “pocket” listing before jumping into a full-service listing. Basically, we sign a listing agreement then network with our current buyer prospects and other agents to generate interest. A pocket listing allows us to “try it out” for a few days while testing some valuable variables — is our price too high, do we need to work on staging, or better yet, do we have someone who wants to buy it right away before it’s listed? And while a pocket listing certainly does not allow us to expose your home to the widest audience of buyers possible, it may make your home appear much more exclusive to the few buyers that do come through.
  • Staging & Photography Consulting – At Red Robin Group, we pay a lot of attention to the little details that can make or break the sale of a home. And we believe that when it comes to showing a home at its best, there are two essential elements that go hand in hand: good staging and great photography. Now more than ever, we’re getting serious with our sellers on staging advise to get their homes ready for market by giving them to-do lists, asking for progress reports and even connecting them with home staging consultants and all-out stagers. When the home is its best, we hire a professional photographer to do the rest. Afterward, if there’s a room or two that’s needs a little extra attention in the photography department, we may offer “virtual staging” to turn an empty living room or an appliance-shy kitchen from “shabby” to “chic.
  • Full-Time Client Service Manager. For the past year, we’ve had a full-time client service manager dedicated to communicating with agents to help get our listings sold, as well as communicating with our sellers on agent feedback, market conditions and new strategies to get their homes sold. What’s more, our client service manager is instrumental in “cross-selling” our listings: if a home didn’t work out for someone else, maybe another one of our listings would be better.
  • Early Intervention – In the old days (like, 2 years ago), a seller would call us just a couple of weeks before putting their home on the market to talk about pricing, staging and general expectations. Now we’re encouraging sellers to call us months beforehand so we can help them prepare financially and “get their house in order” so that when it comes time to market it, everyone’s on the same page.

If you have any questions about these and any of our other strategies that get homes SOLD, email us at or give us a call at 404-254-5206.

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Posted by:  Wakamo & Associates

Melissa Wakamo and her dynamic team of agents and support staff provide buyer and seller clients with exceptional service and proven results. Since the start of her real estate career in 2004, Melissa has proven to be a true advocate for her clients and has consistently performed in the top 1% of agents

“When I started my real estate career, I wanted to work in my local community and get to know my neighbors. Now, I realize how important that local expertise is to our clients. At Red Robin REALTORS®, all of our agents are specialists in working with buyers and sellers in Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods.”

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