Red Robin REALTORS® Press Release – New Branding and New Office At Ponce City Market

Red Robin REALTORS®, a boutique real estate brokerage firm located in Atlanta, recently unveiled a new brand concept for the company. The new look and feel is strategically designed to build on the company’s strong recognition in the southeast Atlanta market, while positioning the company for continued growth into new markets.

“Since the housing market recovery, we’ve been planning for growth beyond our traditional southeast Atlanta market. This new brand is a visual cue that represents enhancements we’ve made to fuel growth,” said Melissa Wakamo, Principal Broker. “We are well positioned to continue to increase the Red Robin REALTORS® footprint into new communities in Atlanta, through innovative enhancements for both our clients and our agents.”

Red Robin REALTORS® has doubled the number of agents in the past year, and reached a company milestone of $60M in sales in 2015. The company recently opened its second office in Ponce City Market, a move that indicates a clear step out of the southeast Atlanta market, the company’s stronghold.


“The real estate industry has undergone tremendous changes, particularly as it relates to technology,” said Krish Dhokia, Director of Marketing. “To that end, our brand has undergone significant, but subtle enhancements; and now, as we unveil a fresh new identity to reflect those changes, it’s time to take a fresh look at Red Robin REALTORS®.”

Rex Burruss, the Graphic Designer behind the brand enhancements, indicated that the new Red Robin REALTORS® visual representation retains many of the positive elements of the previous brand mark, while infusing a modern and sophisticated feel that is more consistent with the company’s current offering. This bold new look provides a new take on the brand’s iconic bird symbol and clearly indicates the upward direction and positive momentum.

Red Robin REALTORS® activated its new look on December 1, 2015, in conjunction with the opening of the new Ponce City Market office. The launch will include consumer and trade social media advertising campaigns, which will coincide with the roll-out of signage and full integration into all branded assets occurring over the next several weeks. Implementation is expected to be fully completed in time for the Spring 2016 market.

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About Red Robin REALTORS

Red Robin REALTORS® is an innovative leader in the Atlanta real estate market and is one of the few medium-sized boutique brokerage firms in Atlanta to survive the market downturn. Red Robin REALTORS® currently includes 20 independent REALTORS® and has offices in Ormewood Park and Ponce City Market. The company is most notable as a leader in innovative marketing and a focus on agent training and coaching.

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Krish Dhokia

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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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