Rob and Brad

Rob & BradRob Jackson says, “We were able to sell our intown home and buy our new home within a matter of weeks, and this was during the holiday season! We knew we needed a Realtor team to give us real, honest advice about pricing our home to sell quickly. They provided great ‘tough love’ staging advice that got us a contract in less than 6 days in a tough market – plus, we got 98% of our asking price”

“What’s more, they worked overtime to get us through two very fast-approaching closings,” says Brad Cauley. They pushed every bit of the way to meet each deadline. Best of all, we were in our new family home before the New Year!”

Rob Jackson and Brad Cauley were taking a leisurely stroll down their street one Sunday when they stopped by one of our open house events. There, they met Melissa and talked about a house they’d found in Roswell. In order to get this house, they knew their home needed to sell fast.

Red Robin Group immediately went to work. They went through Brad & Rob’s house and were able to point out where certain adjustments and improvements could enhance their home’s salability; and they gave them a time frame in which to get the work done. Then they developed a marketing plan for getting the home sold quickly, and helped Rob & Brad crunch the numbers for getting into that new house.

Look for Rob, Brad and son Zach’s old home and its new homeowners on HGTV’s “My First Place” from the Fall 2008 season.

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