Skyview Atlanta will continue to brighten up the Atlanta Skyline for years to come!


The bright and beautiful 20-story Ferris wheel in Atlanta is here to stay!   A few years ago the ferris wheel found itself in Atlanta after having left Pensacola, FL after dismal attendance.  The plan after moving to Atlanta was to be here for just a few years and then it would move to another city.  A great business model until the unexpected happens.  The Skyview Ferris Wheel made money.  They became quite profitable,especially since they are located in the prime area for foot traffic.

Located next door to the Tabernace, across from Centennial Park, Georgia Dome, Phillips Arena, World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, Skyview Atlanta has become a must do for tourists.

It has been reported that Skyview Atlanta will remain in place for the next 20 years, and the management company plans on building a much taller and much more thrilling attraction overlooking the park.


posted: Jul 20, 2015 | No Responses

Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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