Stony Point Park Clean Up in Ormewood Park!

Summer Stony Point Park Clean Up 


On the morning of June 26th 2014, the Red Robin Group agents and staff once again visited their adopted park on the corner of Woodland Avenue and E. Confederate Avenue to attend to the quarterly clean up efforts that have been an ongoing project for the Atlanta Real Estate group.  The park named Stony Point Park is a cute triangular shaped park filled with colorful plants, flowers and little pathways.  In addition to maintaining and beautifying this park, Red Robin Group has also included some beautiful birdhouses for our flying friends to come and hang out.  Ormewood park is not only a friendly neighborhood to visit and live, but it is also welcoming to the bird population that like to take shelter in our wonderful tree-lined streets.  

Visit Stoney Point Park and take a picture of yourself, post it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and use the hashtag #Stoneypointpark

For more information about adopting a park in your neighborhood visit

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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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