Dear Atlanta It’s Freezing – Here are some Tips To Prepare Your Home


Before the sun sets and we get to Arctic conditions again do the following to prepare your home!  The next few days it’s going to continue to drop below freezing in Atlanta and the following tips could save your energy costs as well as pipes from bursting and freezing. 

Cold Atlanta Weather

  • ADD A SAFE HEAT SOURCE in areas not heated such as:  Garages, Crawl Spaces and Laundry Rooms.
  • CLOSE OFF CRAWL SPACES – Tape cardboard over vents and ill-fitting crawl space doors.  Stuff newspaper in smaller holes through foundation.  Most of the leaks we fixed during the last freeze was due to an unclosed hole in the foundation space – big or small.
  • IF YOU LET YOUR FAUCETS RUN , you MUST run the hot and cold sides since they are separate systems.  Also, letting them ‘drip’ like you hear about on the news is not sufficient.Nature 101:
  • Running water does not freeze. You must keep the water flowing faster than it can freeze. A stream about the diameter of your pinky should be good; remember, hot and cold! 


  • COVER YOUR SPIGOTS:  A manufactured cover or wrapping newspaper around them is your best bet.  If you can shut them down and drain them, even better; just remember to remove the garden hose.

  • OUTSIDE LAUNDRY ROOMS.  For those of you with laundry rooms on the back porch, GET A HEAT SOURCE OUT THERE!  A ceramic or infrared heater is less expensive than a frozen pipe service call! 
  • INSIDE THE HOME, open cabinet and vanity doors to allow warm air from your home to circulate in the cabinets.

  •  A BALE OF HAY (wheat straw) can be your best friend. If you have exposed piping outdoors, throw a bale over it; that will keep the wind out and generate a small amount of heat.

  • KNOW WHERE TO SHUT YOUR WATER OFF. In case the unavoidable happens, you can at least minimize your damages. 

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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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