Foodie’s Choice: The Top 10 Restaurants in Midtown (Based On Real Reviews)

If you’ve spent any time in Midtown Atlanta, you know there are a ton of local restaurant spots that catch your attention, but you never visit. We don’t blame you! Those hard earned dollars shouldn’t go towards a hunch.

We did the work for you and narrowed the list of Midtown restaurants down to the top ten, based on real customer reviews. These restaurants all come highly-rated by the locals and visitors of Midtown.

#1 Community Smith – 866 W Peachtree St.

best midtown restaurants
Despite only being here since early 2015, Community Smith has become something of a local icon. This American restaurant is a millennial’s dream, with locally inspired cuisine and implemented sustainable practices. The space is divided into two sections: one part is an upscale tavern with exposed wooden beams, and the other part is an intimate bistro. If you’re in the mood for brunch or casual drinks, Community Smith is the place to be. It’s located on Peachtree St. across from the Biltmore.

#2 Zocalo – 187 10 St East

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Those in the mood for Latin American culture can check out Zocalo. It is a fantastic place to get authentic Mexican cuisine and top-of-the-line drinks. The name Zocalo refers to the main square in Mexico City, and the owners are dedicated to bringing their versions of Mexican staples to your plate in Midtown. Where Zocalo really shines, however, is its happy hour. The bar serves all fresh and exciting cocktails, and the menu always changes, so you have to be a regular to stay on top of all their new concoctions. Be sure to try their signature drink.

#3 One Midtown Kitchen – 559 Dutch Valley Rd

One Midtwon Kitchen

Are you in the mood for something trendy? If so, then ONE Midtown Kitchen is the place to go. This renovated warehouse restaurant is located on the outskirts of Midtown, but it helped lead the revival of Midtown to what is now the burgeoning oasis of Atlanta. Not only is the place a hit with the community, but it has also been featured in Bon Appetit magazine and was named a “Neighborhood Gem” by Gourmet Magazine. As far as the food, ONE only serves dinner seven nights a week.

#4 Tamarind Seed – 1197 Peachtree St.

tamarind seed
Although this impeccable Thai restaurant has been in Atlanta for over ten years, it only recently transplanted itself into Midtown. Now on the main stretch of Peachtree St., you can enjoy family recipes of authentic and delicious Thai food.

#5 Ribalta ATL – 1080 Peachtree St.


Ribalta is a must for pizza lovers. The owners of this classic Italian joint hail from Naples, bringing their authentic and delicious recipes to Midtown. What sets Ribalta apart from other restaurants is that it is a great place to go for a variety of occasions. Whether celebrating an anniversary, promotion, or birthday party, Ribalta can cater to your needs. Ribalta also accomodates those with gluten allergies and offers gluten free pizza.

#6 Negril Village – 30 North Ave

negril village

Part of what makes Midtown so appealing is that it has a diverse population. Negril Village is one of the best Caribbean restaurants in the South, meaning that you don’t have to buy a plane ticket to enjoy this authentic tropical cuisine. As far as flavors go, the restaurant specializes in dishes from Trinidad, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. You can tour the islands with their signature dishes, such as island paella and chicken roti. Adding to the ambiance is the decorative artwork on the walls and the wide open dining area.

#7 Atmosphere Bistro – 1620 Piedmont Ave

Since 2002, Atmosphere Bistro has been the gold standard of fine French cuisine in Midtown. Located on the outskirts of the neighborhood, this charming and quaint restaurant is a hit with the locals and has received high praise from food critics around the world. In fact, Atmosphere Bistro has consistently been ranked as the #1 French restaurant in Atlanta.

#8 South City Kitchen – 1144 Crescent Ave

South City Kitchen

For those looking for Southern comfort, South City Kitchen Midtown is the place for you. For over twenty years, this bungalow restaurant has been feeding local Atlantans Southern cuisine, from fried green tomatoes to braised rabbit. What makes South City so remarkable is the fact that it blends old-school cooking with a modern twist. For example, they feature a gluten-free menu, and all ingredients are either locally or sustainably sourced.

#9 Ecco – 40 7th St NE

EccoAs one of the top modern European centered restaurants, Ecco has consistently been ranked as one of the top foodie spots in Midtown for the last few years. With a quaint and upscale atmosphere, you can enjoy a variety of delectable dishes, including a charcuterie plate, duck confit, and a finishing touch of opera cake for dessert. Another of Ecco’s signature dishes is the Fried Goat Cheese Balls, which are a hit with the locals. Ecco is also a fantastic place for drinks and cocktails.

#10 Cafe Agora Midtown – 92 Peachtree Pl NE


If you’re in the mood for Mediterranean food, one of the best places to find it is at Cafe Agora Midtown. This fast casual restaurant has all of your favorite dishes, from falafel to pita bread and hummus, as well as gyros. With a friendly staff and speedy service, Cafe Agora is a treat for working professionals or anyone who wants a delicious, quick meal.

Do you agree? What restaurants did we miss? Feel free to share in the comments.

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