True Or False: How well do you know Atlanta?

Did you guess? Or did you Google the answers? 



1. The Eastern Continental Divide of the United States runs right through Downtown Atlanta.  TRUE

The Eastern Continental Divide, a continental divide in the U.S. that separates the Gulf of Mexico drainage from the watersheds that flow directly into the Atlantic Ocean, runs right through downtown Atlanta and then east and through Decatur. Rainwater that falls on the south and east side of the divide runs eventually into the Atlantic Ocean while rainwater on the north and west side of the divide runs into the Gulf of Mexico.

2. The tallest building in the United States that is not in New York or Chicago is the Bank of America Building in Midtown Atlanta.  TRUE
The tallest building in the United States not located in either New York City or Chicago is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Bank of America Plaza stands at 1,023 feet tall and dominates the city’s skyline. One of the interesting parts of the design of the building is that there are no street level pedestrian entrances, most people enter and exit the building from the parking areas located underground.
3. Atlanta is the largest Toll-free dialing area in the whole world.  TRUE
I know right, crazy. lol
4. It is perfectly fine to tie a giraffe to a street lamp or a telephone in Atlanta.  FALSE
First of all, why would you want to tie a giraffe to anything?  But in case you are wondering, this is an actual written law in the City of Atlanta, so follow the rules!
5. Atlanta is the first and only capital of the State of Georgia.   FALSE
Atlanta has become the fifth city to be the capital of the state of Georgia. It was preceded by Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, and Milledgeville.
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