Your Best Recommendations Wanted!

Who you gonna call? (Hopefully not Ghostbusters)

We realize that the number one rule in hiring any service professional is to get references. Word of mouth from friends and neighbors is the best way to find a good service provide who’ll deliver great results.  At Red Robin REALTORS, we take great pride in our Preferred Partners list of great service professionals who we’ve used, or have come highly recommended by our clients, neighbors and friends.

To that end, this month, we are updating our Preferred Partners list and filling in a few holes where we just don’t have a great service provider.

We need your help!  If you’ve had a great experience with a contractor or service professional, we want to know about them.  Do you have a lawn service, plumber, handyman, contractor, tree service, mover, cleaner, etc. that you have used and would recommend?  Or, maybe you know a financial planner, insurance agent or accountant that is amazing?  Are there other professionals you’d like to see on our list?   Simply email with your suggestions and recommendations.



We look forward to hearing from you!


posted: Apr 16, 2015 | No Responses

Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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