Video Technology for REALTORS® – Part 1

Do you Skype, FaceTime or schedule Hangouts with your buyers and sellers?  If you’re not using these free, Web-based video chat services in your real estate business, you should try it.

We’re going to discuss three ways you can use these chat services to improve communications and boost your marketing in just a minute, but first, here’s a rundown of a few of the most popular video conferencing services:

Video marketing for agents

Skype – By now, almost everyone has heard of Skype.  It’s the free way to video call anyone in the world, no matter which desktop or mobile device they use.  You can also use Skype to send photos and files.

FaceTime – Make video calls from your Mac device.  If both you and your client have an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer (or some combination of these Apple products), this video calling service is built right in.

Google Hangouts – Initially only available as part of Google+, Hangouts now has standalone iOS and Android apps.  Hangouts is ideal for group chats involving people in multiple locations.  In addition to video chatting, you can share your desktop, making it great for office meetings as well.

If learning how to use these services seems like too much of a hassle for you or your clients, you can still record video footage using camera function on your smartphone.  You can then text or email that video to your clients so they have the full service experience of seeing and hearing from their agent, instead of just reading a copy-only message.

3 Ways REALTORS® Can Use Video Chat

  1. To meet with remote clients –  Working with clients in another county… or country?  I promise that you’ll enjoy video chatting with them more than emailing – and so will they.  It’s a great way to establish rapport, answer their questions without ambiguity and conduct a little show and tell.  They can meet your assistants, see  your office environment, and more.  You can also visually walk them through the buying and selling process.
  2. To schedule personalized virtual tours –  If you have buyers with tricky schedules or those who just want to see a certain part of a particular home again, use a video chat service or record footage on your phone as your walk through a listing.  It’s the perfect personalized virtual tour.  You can zoom in on the features they care about and address their specific concerns.
  3. To collect (and share) testimonials –  Video recording features on your smartphone or tablet are an easy way to capture client testimonials.  With this on-the-go capability, you don’t have to coordinate a complicated live action shoot or put too much pressure on your buyers or sellers.  Just press record, ask them what they liked about buying or selling a house with you, and you’re on your way.  Sharing these little snippets on your agent website and social media channels is a breeze.

How do you use video chatting services in your real estate business?

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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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