What exactly is Wakamo & Associates?

Wakamo&Associates_1-01-PinterestIf you’ve seen the new logo for Wakamo & Associates around the neighborhood and wondered how it’s associated with Red Robin Group, let me answer that question and put your mind at ease! Wakamo & Associates is not a new company name, it’s just a real estate sales division within Red Robin Group.

Red Robin Group Thrived During the Economic Downturn

Red Robin Group weathered the market downturn better than other boutique brokerages around Atlanta. We were patient and strategic in our approach during those rocky years and it has paid off.  In the past year alone we have added five new agents to the roster and two staff positions to manage listings and marketing.   With our growing business, we even moved into a spacious new office in Ormewood Square. (The offer still stands that if you visit us in our new office, we’ll give you Red Robin Group totebag!)

Agents Want to Align Their Real Estate Careers with Our Brand

Agents around the city continue to be attracted to the Red Robin Group brand and the model of service we deliver to clients.  We continue to  hire additional agents to join the brokerage.   These new agents are serving clients in their own neighborhoods, just as we have in ours.  It is a privilege for Red Robin Group that these agents want to hang their name next to our brand and deliver exceptional real estate services in their communities.

As the brokerage continues to grow, you’ll see the Red Robin Group signs all over town with other agents’ names and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are. 

Melissa Wakamo’s Team of Agents and Real Estate Professionals

In our local community (Grant Park, Ormewood Park and East Atlanta), the Red Robin Group brand has been closely associated with my name since I founded the company.   Now that there are agents on our roster who are growing their own real estate careers as independent agents, I had to give my sales team a name — Wakamo & Associates and a separate identity that is as unique as any other team or agent that wants to hang their name from a Red Robin Group sign.

The Wakamo & Associates  team includes myself, four talented agents, and real estate professionals specializing in listings and marketing.  The team works together to provide a level of service that we think is the best in the neighborhood.  It’s the same service model for our buyer and seller clients that have made us so successful over the past 7 years.

The team will continue to be very involved and support the local community.   I am confident Wakamo & Associates will continue to be the top sales team in our real estate local market! 

We Couldn’t Do This Without You

On behalf of all the agents and staff at Red Robin Group and Wakamo & Associates, we sincerely thank all our friends, neighbors and clients for your support and referrals over the past 7 years! We are positioned for tremendous growth in the coming years and look forward to ringing in another great real estate year in 2014!

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Melissa Wakamo and her dynamic team of agents and support staff provide buyer and seller clients with exceptional service and proven results. Since the start of her real estate career in 2004, Melissa has proven to be a true advocate for her clients and has consistently performed in the top 1% of agents

“When I started my real estate career, I wanted to work in my local community and get to know my neighbors. Now, I realize how important that local expertise is to our clients. At Red Robin REALTORS®, all of our agents are specialists in working with buyers and sellers in Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods.”

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