2015 Real Estate Market Predictions!

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If you’ve been following the news, you know a lot is happening with our economy.  Many predict our local Atlanta real estate market will hit a pivotal point of inflection in 2015 since, in many areas, home prices are at or above pre-bubble levels!

That being said, I caution against expecting the rebound effect to keep driving home values up.  Our federal reserve is confident on growth and they recently have sent pretty strong signals they will raise interest rates.  Higher rates make it more expensive to buy a home, especially for millennials; who will be a large part of the market this year.  

Many economists, REALTORS and financial professionals believe that 2015 may be the peak year, in the short term, to sell your home at the highest price.  Why?
  • Currently there is a shortage of inventory, but a pent up demand of homeowners who want to sell.  As prices go up, more sellers will enter the market…which means more competition.  We expect this shift in inventory to take place in 2015
  • Now that Fannie and Freddie are backing 3% down loans, many more buyers are expected to enter the market, particularly with the currently low interest rates.  Throw in low inventory levels to meet buyer demand and you have the perfect recipe for a very strong seller’s market.  However, as inventory increases and interest rates rise, all indications are that the market will level off, likely later in 2015.
  • In general, people in Atlanta are better employed and making more money — job growth is up.  This creates a prime market environment for increased buyer demand, particularly as rents in Atlanta have gone through the roof.  We fully expect a shift away from rentals and toward purchases in Atlanta.
As you can see, the first part of 2015 is a prime time to get your home on the market.  Many sellers are working on getting their house ready to list in the spring.  And, that’s great!  But, there is certainly an advantage to acting quickly and beating the competition to the market.  Did you know:
  • While inventory is lower in the winter, homes typically sell faster than any other time of year?
  • The buyers in a winter market are more motivated, which means homes typically sell for more money?
  • Homes listed in the winter months are also more likely to sell?
If you’ve been thinking about selling your home and want to:  1) beat the spring rush and 2) sell in a strong seller’s market, call me at 404-729-1133, email me at melissa@redrobingroup.com or simply send us an inquiry here on the website — we’ll help you learn more about the process and what price your home might bring in this market environment.  A simple discovery phone call or email could provide you with helpful information that may very well save you thousands of dollars!

In a word, I look forward to talking with you soon and being your neighborhood REALTOR!   Best, Melissa

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