WordPress and SEO for Realtors Free Training Class

There’s plenty of web information out there about how real estate websites will help your business, how they will work, how to generate leads and.. well the list goes on and on. There is a lot of theory and even a great deal of information about what a real estate website should contain for content and how to get your website to have better search engine rankings!

What there isn’t is a free step-by-step class to set up a WordPress website for real estate agents and how to get your site up and running quicker and easier so that you can begin to see the results sooner, instead of having to piece together the information using outdated sources or having to pay extremely high premiums to a third party to run their websites.

At the Red Robin group we like to introduce the newest and most useful information to agents.  We feel that it is necessary to be able to adapt to the marketing available via the World Wide Web to promote and capture your target audience and ultimately gaining traction in the realm of Search Engine Optimization/SEO.  Within this segment of our Marketing series taught by Marketing Manager, Krish Dhokia we will be taking a look at how WordPress works, content development and the SEO components of your website. 

We will be covering the following essential topics:

        • Why WordPress and Why a Real Estate Blog?

        • Hosting and Why You Need It for Your WordPress Blog

        • The WordPress Dashboard – Your Real Estate Blog Control Center

        • The Theme for Your WordPress Blog Site

        • WordPress Plugins – Adding Functionality & Fun to Our Site

        • WordPress Dashboard Settings 

        • Categories in WordPress 

        • The Pages on Your Site 

        • Plugins and Widgets for Your Blog Sidebar Content

        • WordPress Real Estate Blog Page Stucture and Plan

        • Managing and Adding Users and Authors

        • Top Real Estate WordPress Themes, Plugins

        • SEO Tips and Tricks

        • Google Crawler, Google Ads, and Google Rankings

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Posted by:  Krish Dhokia

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