Your Questions, Answered: “What Does my Mortgage Cover?”

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What Does My Mortgage Cover?

You’ve found a home online that you love! You just have to make sure you can afford it. So, you pull up a simple mortgage calculator, type in the purchase price and interest rate that you saw on a lender site, and viola –  instant success! But there’s more to it than that…

Many homebuyers come to me with the understanding your mortgage is made up of principal and interest, but there is actually more to it. Most loans have 4 parts: principal, the repayment of the amount you actually borrowed; interest, the cost of borrowing the money; homeowners insurance, a monthly amount to insure the property against loss from fire, smoke, theft, and other hazards required by most lenders; and property taxes, the annual city/county taxes assessed on your property, divided by 12. Because of the way loans are structured, in the first years you’ll be paying mostly interest in your monthly payments. In the final years, you’ll be paying mostly principal. The flip side is that if you itemize your deductions you can write off the interest and the taxes! This is one of the many great reasons for buying a home!! Hope this helps…I’ll see you next month when I’ll be tackling the single question I get asked most often about taxes.

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