Your Questions, Answered: “Do I Need a Home Warranty?”

This month’s question and answer blog straightens out a couple misconceptions about home warrhome-protection-plananties. Red Robin Group gets these questions all the time, and we see the shock in our clients faces when they find out the the truth behind some of these common misconceptions. Here’s your chance to know the facts and be informed for any future situations that may arise. 

Your Questions, Answered: Do I Need A Home Warranty?

Warranties can be a great negotiation tool or something to set a future homeowner’s mind at ease. Here are many of the most common misconceptions with a home warranty:

1.) A home warranty will take care of anything that goes wrong. –False, just like any warranty there will be many components that aren’t covered or are an additional cost. An example of this is tree roots. I’ve had clients have roots growing into their plumbing lines several months after closing. It’s a hidden defect that an inspection can’t detect. When there was damage that occurred the warranty didn’t cover it. Make sure you read the fine print and upgrade when necessary!

2.) A home warranty can only be ordered when you buy or sell a home. –False, you can actually order a home warranty at any time. Whether it’s renewing after your first year or purchasing one 8 years after living in the house. It’s another added piece of protection like your homeowner’s insurance.

3.) If something goes wrong it won’t cost me anything. –False, even though certain things are covered you still have a “trade call fee”. Think of it like your deductible. It will range between $45-100 to have someone come out to assess and take care of the problem.

4.) A home warranty is worthless on a newly renovated home. –False, yes, most everything in the home will have the manufacturer’s warranty for a year or more, but what about a plumbing stoppage. It could cost you $200+ if you’re paying a plumber hourly to snake out a stoppage. You just have to figure out if it’s worth it to pay the warranty fee for the number of items that would not be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have further questions, give us a call at 404-254-5206 – or search one of the many home warranty companies out there. Remember, they aren’t just for new homebuyers, and make sure to read everything that’s covered!

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